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New Team Building Concept For The Company Outing: Live Escape Rooms

Are you looking for something unique and fun to do with your co-workers for the company outing this year? Lift moral and bring your employees or coworkers closer together as a team by putting them into a situation where they have to work together to succeed and enjoy every moment of it at The Delray Escape.

Participating in team building activities can be a welcomed distraction for the everyday routine, but lets mix up the normal happy hour or routine lunch spot!

Escape Rooms are getting increasingly popular when companies are looking for team building options to either boost moral, or just to let their employees work together in a fun environment.


Playing a round at The Delray Escape will test your employees or coworkers skills on cooperation, communication, leadership, and out of the box thinking. We can create a friendly competition by dividing your team into groups to see who can work together the best therefore escape the fastest.

The Delray Escape offers a variety of packages for corporate events. We can accommodate a large group if planned accordingly.

The games are monitored from a live camera feed, so management has the ability to either participate or watch how the team works together and can turn the event into a friendly competition between teams.

To make a day out of these events, we will partner with different catering companies who can deliver a variety of menu options in all price ranges. Your co-workers or employees could enjoy discussing the experience over some delicious lunch or dinner. Presentations can also be accommodated with all technical requirements present in our lobby space.

If you are interested in hosting your next company outing with us, please send inquiries We would be happy to host you!

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